by Riverwood

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released August 22, 2014

Produced by H. Atkinson
Artwork by D. Twyford
Design by K. Crowhurst
All music written and performed by J. Slattery, except;
Programming by H. Atkinson
Additional vocals on Track 4 by R. Garilli
Additional vocals on Track 5 by L. Fregona

© Jordan Slattery 2014. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Riverwood Adelaide, Australia

Post-Rock/Folk band from Adelaide, Australia.

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Track Name: Glassy Eyes
Cracked teeth and a crooked smile, every meter is a mile.
Broken bones and bloodshot eyes, with arms stretched across the sky.
Cold skin on scorched earth; for what purpose does this serve?
Maybe this is all I'm worth or maybe this is what I deserve?

I can't feel the wind, the rain and the cold 'cause I numbed myself with alcohol.
I can't seem to sleep at night, so I wait around for morning light.
I've bent my will, I've bruised and broke my heart in so many ways.
I've been without reason to be awake; when I'd sleep, I'd sleep the day away.

I've watched the sun, the moon and the stars fall out from the sky.
I've watched some things I've held so dear wash away with the tide.
I've crawled across the floor in a world of make believe,
Similarly I've watched the shore crawl out to the sea.

It's such a waste of time, each day more glass covers our eyes.
Are we dead or just asleep?
We live and breathe, but we've lost our will to dream.
Track Name: This Distance
I'd like to take your breath away, I'd like to feel your heartbeat pressed against my chest.
I'd like to be that shining light, far from home, that you find so comforting.
I'd like to be your sweetest kiss, I'd like to taste your loneliness pressed against my lips.
I'd like to be that shoreline, lost at sea, that you find so comforting.
I'd like to find the right words to lessen this distance between us.

You are so far from me; so why would I chase,
If the only thing I'd catch is the sight of you walking off, into the distance?
And I'd love; to be the one, to hold you in my arms.
Until that day comes we'll be as distant as the stars in the sky.
Track Name: Never Enough
I know apologies are never enough,
But let my actions show I never meant to hurt you, my love.
I know that my words, they wrote the end.
But that end was always written in your bones.
May I rewrite them with this pen?
Yeah, I know this won't make it right, this will take some time.
Oh, my love, I never meant to let you down.
Track Name: Set Fire (ft Rico Garilli)
Broken bottles and cigarette smoke.
The less I speak, the less I choke.
I'm choking more and more each day.
I count the days in words and notes.
The more I breathe, the more I know.
I know it more and more each day;
I just need somebody to show me the way.
I set fire to my sleep, now I'm burning in my dreams.
It's funny what love can do to you.

Take away my dreams, holding on to whispering release.
Awake, alive, with your voice tormenting.
Inside my mind I'm free to be breaking apart for you.
Oh, I guess I just need somebody to show me the way.
Track Name: The Way it Goes (ft Lucrowe)
You think that you're original? No way in hell, seperate from the masses to find yourself,
Or time will tell the story of a lost boy. He put his arms around the world,
And he picked it up, one foot in the doorway and the other inside a well.
His heads spinning, baby can't you tell? His thoughts are where your last words will dwell.
And he can't really stand straight, never did he plan hate, always trying to walk on forward.
But the world's in a damned state, can't take the bare weight and he falls through the floor.
Incognito, the people don't see, so he can't awake to his dreams to be free, no.
Falls to the feet of his demons, it seems, though these are just the way that these things go.

She fuckin' loved him and she thought that she could trust him, when they first met, man you shoulda' seen her buzzin'.
It was love at first sight, couldn't turn a blind eye to a smile that shined from night to the lime light.
It was a head trip, no sign of a slip until a year in, things started to get hectic.
Goin' through his phone; other girls he was texting. Cold to the core; self-esteem, it's affecting.
Home from work one night, caught in the act. No time to think and no time to react.
She was taken for a ride on a coward's back, now a year down the drain is all to show for that?
Smiles fade off, 'cause he's cheating and she knows. Heart frosts over snow and she can't warm her bones.
Kicked to the curb with nowhere to go; what can I say? That's just the way it goes.

Am I lost, am I free?
A careless winter comes down on me,
I'm caught in an endless downpour.
And so, that's just the way it goes;
You must fight to find a way to warm your bones.
Track Name: Closure
The way the sun burns, it blinds the sky and scorches like another in my eyes.
The way the ground, it shakes, it breaks my bones, grabs a hold and takes it's toll.
I'm standing on the edge of all I know, searching for a sure sign of hope.
The way the moon drifts, it dulls my mind and comforts, like a mother would her child.
The way the tide, it shifts, it breaks my stride, a thousand waves conceal my cries.
I'm falling out of touch with all I need, searching for true clarity.
Forgive me for holding close; the things that I care about the most,
And forgive me for feeling hopeless, but everything, it seems, comes without closure.