by Riverwood

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released July 19, 2015

Tracks 1, 4, 5, 6 & 7 written and performed by J. Slattery.
Track 2 written and performed by L. Blacker & J. Slattery.
Track 3 written and performed by P. Gundry & J. Slattery.
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 produced by H. Atkinson in 2014/2015.
Additional production on track 3 by P. Gundry.
Tracks 6 & 7 produced by D. Twyford in 2013.
Logo by K. Crowhurst.
Photo/Design by J. Slattery.
© Jordan Slattery 2014. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Riverwood Adelaide, Australia

Post-Rock/Folk band from Adelaide, Australia.

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Track Name: Atonement
Track Name: Model & Maker - Missing
Tangled between sheets and blankets, loosely clad in creased maroon.
Draped colours filter the sunlight entering the room.
The faint scent of burning incense lingers,
Like the cigarettes we'd smoke, over tea you'd pour every morning.
Although I may forget the pattern of the cloth you spread, to fill the gaps between stones and candles,
I will always remember the way that you'd lay yourself to rest, with your head on my chest.
I miss those weary nights and honest laugh, even your cold hands all over my warm skin.
I miss the eerie light down beneath your door.
I miss your gentle glow and the way that you would listen closely to every word I spoke.
It's hard to say, but I am seldom one to lie; I'm missing you.
Track Name: The Traveller (ft Peter Gundry)
All becoming one harmony, one sound.
As deep as an ocean, as vast as the sea.
I am moving on, further from the ground.
Timeless, boundless, I am open and I hear it calling me.
Oh, I am The Traveller.
Track Name: Mistake
Holding out, holding all the light.
Holding back your features from my weary eyes.
Disappearing pieces match with the breeze upon the air.
Breaking down, breaking at the seams.
Breaking off, away from the memories.
Disappearing voices blend with the noiseless, empty air.
I made a mistake.
Track Name: Space Friends
Every form of light bleeds out, like paint smeared across the canvas.
I don't want to find dust in place of everything I love,
So when the core ignites from all the weight will you be there to save us?
Tiny little dancer, floating like the falling rain.
Darling are you out there, listening from outer space?
Track Name: Never Enough (Demo)
I know apologies are never enough,
But let my actions show I never meant to hurt you, my love.
I know that my words, they wrote the end.
But that end was always written in your bones.
May I rewrite them with this pen?
I know this won't make it right and I know this will take some time.
Despite what I said, I never meant to let you down.
Track Name: Set Fire (Demo)
Broken bottles and cigarette smoke.
The more I speak, the more I choke.
I feel it more and more each day;
I just need somebody to show me the way.
I set fire to my sleep and now I'm burning in my dreams.
Oh, I count the days in words and notes.
The more I breathe the more I know,
And I know I'm wasting away.
I was caught up in the breeze and now I've fallen into the sea.
Oh, it's funny what love can do to you.